It could also drink the infusion test mix 2

It could also drink the infusion test mix 2 tablespoons of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill), 7 cm rhizome SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA of turmeric (Curcuma domestica Val.), And 2 red onions (Alium cepa, L.). All material after washed, crushed and brewed with 1 ½ cups of water. Filter. After a cold drink this potion @ ½ cup 3 times a day, for several days.
Drug free:
To resolve itching, dab the skin with cold powder and lotion calamin taking antihistamines such as chlorpheniramine maleate or hydrochloride diphenhidramin.
Drug / actions doctor:
When urticaria appeared continuously for several days or accompanied by mild flavor head or trouble breathing, see a doctor immediately! Usually the doctor will prescribe an antihistamine. As for the more severe cases, the doctor will give you a shot of adrenaline (epinephrine). Sometimes doctors prescribe corticosteroids.

Urang leaf-aring proved to nourish hair and make hair shiny and natural, in-aring urang its leaves in boiled water to the boil then rebusanya in use for rinsing hair

Olive Oil

Olive oil is in addition to reducing the risk of death from heart disease and cancer were also beneficial for healthy hair, the content contained in this olive oil can help speed up the process of hair growth and helps nourish the scalp condition, how their use is to shed a few drops (4 - 6 drops) of olive oil to the hair and then do massage in order to absorb the olive oil into the scalp, this should be done at night before bed so that the olive oil can be absorbed quickly.

Now that’s some Tips on Hair Nourish Naturally, Turns maintain hair health and fertility do not need to be expensive, in fact many natural herbs that you can find around you.

15 grams of ginger and 2 white leeks boiled with 400 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, then the water is drunk while warm.
Usage: Take 2 times a day


Traditional Medicinal herb 2:

10 grams of garlic, onion 10 grams, and 10 grams of ginger sliced ​​and brewed with boiling water and then place closed for 15 minutes. After that, his ginger discarded, while the garlic and red onions can be eaten and water drunk.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Potion 3 Traditional Medicine:

30-60 grams of ground mustard and 10-15 grams of garlic boiled with water and the water is drunk while warm.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Traditional Medicinal herb 4:

60 grams of ground mustard plants and 15 grams of garlic boiled with water, then boiled water is drunk while warm.
Usage: Take 2 times a day

Garu nails

Garu nails

Garu has teeth shaped like a nail consists of several rows of teeth that were tied to the frame . This composition is used to smooth and level the soil after tillage . Also can be used for weeding in tanainan the new. Designs from

c . Garu spring

Garu spring is suitable for use on land that has a lot of rocks or roots , tooth - teeth due to indenting ( spring ) when the disturbance.

Use this same rake rake nails, even for weeding harrow better, because it can get into the soil deeper. Form of rake spring can be seen in Figure 33 .

Figure 33 . One form of Garu spring

d . Rotary harrow

Rotary rakes are of two kinds , namely: harrow rotary hoe (rotary hoe Harrow ) and rotary harrow cross ( cross Rotary Harrow ) .
Garu rotary hoe wheel arrangement which is surrounded by a knife -shaped teeth mounted on as the vertical distance and spin . Spin the wheel rakes due to the pull tractor . Designs from scratch can be seen in Figure 34 .

Figure 34 . Garu Rotary Hoe ( Hoe Rotary Harrow )

Figure 35 . Rotary harrow Cross ( Cross Rotary Harrow )

Rotary harrow cross made ​​from the teeth perpendicular to the ground and mounted on the rotor . The rotor is rotated horizontally , the motion is taken from the rotation of the PTO. By using this harrow , land destruction occurs very intensive . Designs from scratch can be seen in Figure 35 .

e . Specific Garu

Included into the special rakes are weeder - mulche and soil surgeon . Weeder - mulche is a tool used for weeding , mulch manufacturing and land fragmentation in the surface . soil surgeon is a tool that is the arrangement of the U-shaped blade mounted on a frame from the plate . This tool is used to break up the blocks of land on the surface and to smooth the ground.

2 . Land Rollers and pulverizers

This tool resembles a plate or the wheels that are arranged close to one as. Puingan be sharp or serrated plates . Used for the solution of processing soil for seedbed . These tools can be grouped into two types namely ;

photo Pulverizer

a. Surface AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYApacker consists of all sorts of forms , including:

1 ) V shaped roller pulverizers ,
2) The combination of T shaped and Sprocket Wheel pulverizers ,
3 ) Flexible wheelpulverizes sprocket .

b . Subsurface packer , consists of two kinds , namely

1 ) V shaped packer and
2 ) Crowfoot roller .

Other devices ( Sub Surface Tillage Tools and Field Cultivation ) .

The tool used to till the ground without changing the section of the land surface and thus able to weeding . The advantage of using this tool are :

1 ) Enhance the ability of the soil to absorb water in the case ,
2 ) Reduce the surface flow (run -off ) ,
3 ) Reduce water or wind erosion ,
4 ) Reducing the level of water evaporation from the soil surface .

These tools are two types , namely:

1 ) Subsurface tillage sweeps , a tool that uses a sweep .
2 ) Subsurface tillage Rod Weeders .




1 ) To initiate a soil processing operations , whatever factors (either from land or devices ) that need to be known and what factors do you think are the most dominant ? (Key : see lectures )

2) The activities of land clearing and cultivation of land will be done in an area with distribution wet months of November to February. Implementing project clearances expect job can be completed within 3 months. Explain briefly the stages of activities to be performed by the project implementers . ( (Key : Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia  see lectures )

Introduction to Soil Treatment Process

Introduction to Soil Treatment Process

The following will be presented in a schematic representation of the process of land treatment in moderation. Figure 3. shows a vertical section of the ground (a ) and processes that occur in soil ( b ) . In this case the land is considered to consist of the elements ( cube -shaped land mass ) in the form of mesh depicted in Fig. The size of these elements should be as small as possible until the pressure ( stress ) on each side of the element to be spread evenly. in the process
Tillage breaks , but many of these elements .

Gambar.3 . Splitting a volume of soil in the cultivation process

Fragmentation of land involves a phenomenon of physics - mechanics as follows , namely: on one element and on a micro scale , the loading will cause pressure on the land and in particular the tension that arises not spread evenly but concentrated in a few locations in the element. This pressure will cause the breakage of the bond between soil particles at these locations .

Pulau Pari  In general, the concentration of high pressure followed by concentration Basar tension that ultimately led to a demolition ( failure ) . Figure 4 shows the concentration of ground deformation as a result of stress concentration . Fragmentation occurs as a result of penetration cone element ( cone ) into a continuous block of land fragmentation to occur clod by the vertical load . Figure 5 further shows that the increase in pressure results in deformation in compaction ( compaction ) , especially when the soil is in poor condition . To the specific needs of compaction needed to strengthen the weak soil . If the pressure continues to increase the compaction process will occur on all parts / elements of the land . Figure 5b and 5c show the deformation is unstable. Volume element in Figure 5b suffer without the buffer lateral loading up the possibility of a unidirectional compaction . When the load is increased to shorten the elements that influence the relative motion between the particles . Therefore the land at first was already in the solid state relative movement will cause some cultivation on the finish . This cultivation occur particularly in the most vulnerable from the elements but also cause weakening of the section . On further loading , deformation and cultivation will be more concentrated in that part of the local collapse finally occurred .
Deformation occurs whether stable or not will greatly depend on the form of the stress ( stress state) and the characteristics of the soil . Characteristics of the soil has two meanings in relation to stability , because of the tension in a land treatment process is also influenced by the nature of the soil : the soil is very plastis , excessive deformation sometimes inhibit the tension as mentioned Favor of unstable phenomena .

Figure 4. Concentration deformation caused by stress concentration

Note Historical Study Process cultivation of land

From the study note that the research literature relating to the cultivation of land more centered on the following equipment: ” Tine ” and plow .
Tine Tool represents clust
Pulau Parier tool with a simple shape and size of certain functions , while the plow represents a cluster of complex-shaped gadget , has kurvatur and other asymmetrical forms . For purposes penyederhaan , in the description of the process and sistematika pengemburan ground, second is considered to represent a cluster tool processing tools available land .

Figure 5. Permanent deformation (a ) and fixed ( b and c ) .

For each group , the study was developed by path clear and easily understood by considering the characteristics of the process . Research the cultivation of land with a Tine began by observing the behavior of the process and the fragmentation of land by Tine and time of occurrence. This leads to the classical soil mechanics theory useful in predicting ” draft ” . Although the researchers realized that the problem relates to a device Tine dynamic characteristic , but for a long time research has concentrated only on the static soil mechanics , and not until 1967 held the synthesis between the static and dynamic characteristics ( Vornkahl , 1967 ) . Plow cultivation process with very complex felt by the researchers and this is seen in many de
Agen Judi Onlineveloped models that demonstrate only a portion of the process ( Nichols and Kummer , 1932 ; Döner and Nichols , 1934 ; Gupta and Pandya , 1967 ) .